Landscape Design Services

Full Service Design

With Full Service design we walk you through the entire design process.  From the initial consultation to the finished design we work with you to create the outdoor spaces you've always dreamed of.  We can even take it a step further and help you with bidding and monitoring the construction of the project. 


  • Prices range from $1,200 to $2,300 depending on the scope of the project.

  • The timeline is usually 2-3 weeks for the first draft of the plan and another two weeks to generate the final drawing.

  • Read more about the design process here.

  • Example landscape plan with project imagery.

Design Consultation

If what you really want is a stroll through your property with a landscape architect to bounce ideas off of, then a Design Consultation is for you.  We'll schedule a time to walk with you and discuss the different options for use of the space or ways to handle problem areas like drainage issues or screening.  


  • Design consultations start at $100

  • Allow 45 minutes to and hour for the walk-through.

Have you ever wanted to ask a designer what to do about a particular problem area?  Well now is your chance.  Send a detailed explanation of the issue and photos and we will contact you to discuss the issue then provided a quick sketch or images with options for the solution.



  • Starting at $85

  • Includes a brief phone conversation to discuss the information.

  • Send your information here and a designer will contact you.

Quick  Design Solution